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We hold 3 LAMDA Exam sessions at The Pathways centre per year in November, March & June.  The June session includes exam entries from our Saturday Speech & Drama Class & Thursday Group classes.



Entries are required by LAMDA 8 weeks before the timetabled session.  All examinations must be paid for in full before entry will be made.  Entry fees will also include room hire, administration fee & musical accompaniment where applicable.  We currently do not timetable the sessions ourselves therefore you must ensure you can be available for the whole day.  LAMDA charge £30 for any timetable request changes, which you will have to pay if you need an alternative time.  Times will be issued to students approximately 2 weeks before the Exam session.



For Verse and Prose exams wear something you would wear to a special occasion. We are always complemented on the smartness of our students. A Drama Academy T-shirt with trousers is fine. If you are taking an acting or musical theatre exam you will be informed by you teacher what you need to wear.



These should be presented smartly with an individual touch to show you have taken some trouble.  Print out your pieces using a computer if possible. Never bring working copies to an examination.  Some exams for younger students require you to take in something to talk about.  This will always be detailed on your piece and you will have been asked to bring it to class to practise.



This is essential!  We will keep the entry form for most students until the day of the exam, however if you are given it then please look after it.  You will need to put the titles of your pieces in the spaces provided and keep clean in the same folder as the pieces or in a plastic envelope.



Arrive at least 20 mins early and DON’T MISS LESSONS – you need continuity to do well.

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