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3rd- 6th May 2022


What is the Festival?


The festival is a friendly drama competition where children from local schools perform to an adjudicator (and small audience generally made up of the other children and their parents).  You sit with your child in the audience and then they will be called up onto the stage to perform their piece.  Students receive a report for their performance with useful feedback to help them develop and have the opportunity to be awarded certificates or even a trophy for the winning performance in each class.  Entrance into the festival is not compulsory but we do recommend children take part. We have been entering students at the festival for many years and the vast majority find it a rewarding event which really helps with confidence building.  Students who would prefer not to enter will still rehearse a piece in class to help develop their performance and communication skills.


Days and times of Classes


The festival is not timetabled until all entries are in.  Entry cards will be given to children approx. 2 weeks prior to the festival with the date and time of the class.  The festival runs Tuesday to Friday all day so some classes will be in school time.  The festival has been running for over 70 years and we have taken part for many years.  Most schools see it as an educational experience for the children and treat it as an authorised absence.  The festival aim to schedule older students classes later in the day wherever possible but this is not guaranteed.


Entry Cost


£4.10 per verse speaking or reading class (Saturday Drama & Private students)

£2.05 per person for shared poetry class (Saturday Drama & Private students)

£4.60 per Solo Acting or mime class. £2.60 each for duologue acting (Thursday 6.30pm Acting Exam Class & Private Drama students). 

All families are required to purchase a festival programme costing £1.50 which will detail the full running order of the classes.


We have discussed with each child which classes they would like to enter.  Generally children enter classes as follows:

Saturday Little Stars – Only take the ‘Poetry’ class for their age.

               Juniors – May take up to 2 classes. The ‘Poetry’ class for their age plus one other class either shared verse   or humorous/ non humorous poetry.

               Inters/ Seniors – May take up to 3 classes including all poetry classes and ‘prepared prose reading’

               Boys Drama – Younger students 1 class, older up to 3 classes (see above)

Thursday Acting Exam – 1 Solo or Duologue Acting Class.

Private Students – Vary by individual.


How to Pay


To meet the entry deadline we will be collecting the cash entrance fees from Saturday 26th February.  Entry fees must be brought in an envelope please with the student’s name and amount enclosed on the front.  We will be sending home named envelopes from Saturday 19th -Thursday 24th February which will state the classes that your child has chosen to enter and the amount due.  Please put the correct cash in the envelope, seal and return it to class from 26th Feb - 3rd March.  Payments received after the 3rd March will be too late and your child will not be entered.  We will stand at the Pathways door during Saturday Little Stars and Juniors drop off times to collect the envelopes for those classes.  For older students classes please send the envelope in with the student.  If for any reason your child will not be taking part please return the envelope with ‘Not entering’ and your name written on the back.


Class Length at the Festival


You need to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the class.  The length of the class depends on the number of competitors entered.  Normally allowing 1-2 hours per class would suffice.




Smart dress – no trainers or jeans.  School uniform or TDA is acceptable.  Make sure hair is off the face.




Tuesday 3rd & Wednesday 4th May – Abbey Theatre, Pool Bank St, Nuneaton CV11 5DB

Thursday 5th & Friday 6th May - Salvation Army Citadel, Victoria Street, Nuneaton CV11 5QE 


Do we need to take copies of our pieces?


No for Set Verse Classes (Class Numbers 300-309)

Yes for all other classes


Class Entry by Age


The class your child has been entered for is based on how old they are on 1st September 2022.  Please check the classes written on the envelope against the festival syllabus and if you think your child is being entered for the wrong class tell Debbie immediately. The Festival Syllabus can be accessed here.


Lost Pieces


If your child loses their copy of the Set verse, these can be found in the Student Zone resources section of our website in the Drama section.  If they lose an own choice poem please see Debbie.  New copies will be charged at 50p.



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