Audition Songs - Please see practice tracks at the bottom of the page.

ELLE So Much Better Full cut track Legally Blonde Full cut track

KATE What You Want (1.33 – 1.57)

WARNER Serious (0 – 1.26)

EMMETT Chip on My Shoulder (0.46 – 1.31) Legally Blonde Full cut track

VIVIENNE Legally Blonde Remix Full cut track

CALLAHAN Whipped Into Shape (1.48 – 2.06)

PAULETTE Ireland Full cut track

BROOKE Whipped Into Shape (0 – 1.01)

KIKI Bend and Snap (0 – 0.51)

CHAD What You Want (Reggae Rap) (2.22 – 2.35)

Margot, Serena, Pilar Omigod, You Guys (Full cut track)


Dear Elle,

He's a lucky guy

I'm, like, gonna cry

I got tears coming out of my nose

Mad props!

He's the campus catch

You're a perfect match

Cause you both have such great taste in clothes

Of course he will propose



Dear Elle,

Honey maseltav

future's taking off

Bring that ring back

and show it to me



Four carats

A princess cut

Are you psyched or what?!

I just wish i could be there to see



When he gets down on one knee


omigod, you guys

Looks like Elle's gonna win the prize

If there ever was a perfect couple,

this one qualifies

omigod, you guys


omigod, this is happening

Our own homecoming queen and king

Finally she'll be trying on a

huge engagement ring for size

omigod, you guys