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JEAN VALJEAN: M: Range G#2 - A4: - Jean Valjean is the hero of the show. It is his life journey that we follow. He should carry himself confidently onstage and come across to the audience as reasonably mature and paternal. Jean Valjean is a vocally demanding role.

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JAVERT: GN: Range F2 - F#2: - Javert is the inspector who serves as antagonist to Jean Valjean. Javert is unswerving in his belief that men cannot change for the better. He is a dedicated policeman with a profoundly strong sense of duty.

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MARIUS: M: Range A2 - Ab4 Marius is the romantic hero of the story. He is impulsive, passionate, willful, and headstrong. His moods change according to his circumstances. He is sweet and tender but also capable of great courage and compassion. A lyrical tenor voice.

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GRANTAIRE: GN: Range E4 - E5: - Grantaire is the opposite of Enjolras. He believes in nothing. Although he admires Enjolras, he loves to mock him. Witty and drunken, Grantaire is happy being with the group, and they put up with him because of his good humor. He also keeps a watchful eye on Gavroche, the mascot of the group, and is the most heartbroken when Gavroche is killed. He is so devastated by Gavroche’s death that Grantaire abandons his cynicism and rushes to die on the barricade.

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FACTORY GIRL: F: F4 - E5 Fantine’s enemy who fights with her and exposes the fact that Fantine has a child, she gets Fantine thrown out onto the streets.

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OLD WOMAN: F: E4 - D5: - She pleads with Fantine at the docks to sell her hair to save Cosette.

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YOUNG COSETTE: This role will not be open for audition -Young Cosette is Fantine's daughter and the Thénardiers' ward. She has been forced into child labor. She is underfed, beaten by Madame Thénardier, and bullied by Eponine.

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YOUNG GAVROCHE: (Ideally below 5ft) M: Range B3 - G5: - This role will not be open for audition - Gavroche is Thénardier's son. He is left to fend for himself and lives by his wits in the streets of Paris. His archenemy is Javert, the policeman. Gavroche is brave, witty, and arrogant, with a fantastic, unchanged voice. For comparison, think of a young Artful Dodger.

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COSETTE: F: Range Bb3 - C6:- Cosette is Fantine's strong-willed, loving daughter. She is an intelligent, enquiring, personable girl; she is not in any sense a sappy, romantic heroine. Once she is adopted by Jean Valjean, Cosette lives a comfortable, if secluded, life. She falls instantly in love with Marius, changing her world and her priorities. The role calls for an excellent singer with a lyrical soprano voice.

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EPONINE: F: Range F3 - E5:- Eponine is the Thénardiers' daughter. Living hand to mouth, she survives by helping her father in his life of crime. She is a young girl who is streetwise and tough but also sensitive and lonely. This tragic character is hopelessly in love with Marius, knowing that he will never love her.

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FANTINE: F: Range F3 - C5: - Fantine is the frail, young woman who, abandoned by her lover, is left to fend for herself and her daughter, Cosette. She is rejected by society and forced through circumstances to sell herself. She is a brave woman defeated by life.

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MADAME THERNADIER: F: Range G#3 - D5: - She is married to Thénardier. Together, Madame Thénardier and Thénardier con the world as partners in crime. They were made for each other, and although she complains about him, she loves him dearly. She is coarse and vulgar, unhappy in her existence. She is romantic, greedy, manipulative, evil, and larger than life.

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MONSIEUR THENARDIER: M: Range C2 - G4: - Thénardier is the true villain of Les Misérables School. He delights in cheating, robbing, defrauding, and blackmailing, and relishes every aspect of his schemes with glee. He is tough, greedy, brutal, lowbrow, crafty and yet irresistible. Thénardier is also the opportunist and realist of the show and is the comic relief of the production.

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ENJOLRAS: GN: Range A2 - G4: - Enjolras is the student leader. He is handsome, brave, and daring, although youthful. He combines his revolutionary ideals with strong, charismatic leadership. He is full of confidence and ultimately inspires all the students to fight and, ultimately, to die for their beliefs. His death at the barricade is one of the dramatic highlights of the show. This requires a strong, loud singing voice.

FEUILLY - GN: D4 - D5: - the only member of Les Amis de l'ABC who is not a student; he is a workingman. An optimist who stands as a sort of ambassador for the “outside,” while the rest of the men are very focused on their little corner of the world.

JOLY - GN: D4 - D5: - a medicine student and a member of Les Amis de l'ABC. He is one of the revolutionary students, and is a sentry at the barricade during the revolution.

BISHOP OF DIGNE - GN: Range A3 - E4: - His great kindness serves as a main driving force behind Jean Valjean's change of heart.








Labourer, Farmer,

Convict 1 – 5, Sailor 1 – 4



Sick Prostitute

Woman 1 – 4

Girl 1 - 4


Worker 1 - 3

Prostitute 1 -4,










Brujon, Babet, Montparnasse, Claquesous,

Constable 1 & 2, Bystander 1 – 3,

Onlooker 1 – 4, Sentry 1 & 2, Major Domo

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