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HOW TO RECORD (Please read ALL instructions before recording)


  1. You MUST film in LANDSCAPE orientation (sideways on NOT portrait).

  2. Choose a WELL-LIT area to ensure we can see you clearly.

  3. PLAIN wall as background (ideally) if you cannot achieve this please try to minimise objects in the background.

  4. Use a smart phone rear facing camera (NOT selfie mode).



  1. You must use the track provided. Musical Theatre tracks have Louise or Lauren singing to help the students stay in time which is very important for video editing.  The dance tracks have been cut to length specifically (USE TRACKS not the you tube videos)



  1. Please do not add any text or introduction to the video we simply require the song or dance.

  2. Upload to the link under the song title. Please DO NOT send videos to Debbie, Louise or Ellie.



Everyone MUST wear clean TDA T shirts and black trousers/ leggings (and Jazz shoes for dance).  We suggest girls also wear a black leotard under their T shirt and leggings for dance numbers.



This does not need to be show makeup but make an effort to look smart.  This will be saved on our You tube channel!



Girls - Low Bunches

Boys - Off the face

RECORDING RESOURCES - please use these tracks ONLY to record to.


- We need to see you from your waist up.

- Where possible sing with in ear earphones (not over the head) so that only voice audio is recorded. If you do this please do your best to hide the earphone under hair and within clothing so seeing these is then reduced to a minimum.  When using earphones is not an option, particularly with our younger students, please have the track as QUIET as possible and sing loudly. Remember we want to hear you and not the track. Record the whole song even if you don't sing all of it.  Stand still during sections that you don't sing.

A little more homework to do guid
Do Re Mi

Do Re Mi 

Please upload your file to:

A Little more homework to do 

Please upload your file to:

When I Grow Up

Please upload your file to:

When I Grow Up
00:00 / 03:38


These need to be recorded further away from the camera so that we can see the whole body in the dance.

Please have the volume of the music LOUD.

Nicest Kids in Town

Please upload your file to:

The Nicest Kids in Town
00:00 / 02:22
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